New data transformation company Early Friday democratizes data

Capelle aan den IJssel, June 30th, 2021The new data transformation company, Early Friday, has started their journey. Early Friday taps into the value hidden in the massive amounts of data that companies collect today. Helping them to understand and use it to their advantage.

Lack of knowledge about data

Frits van den Berg, CEO of Early Friday, emphasizes that data has rapidly become the most valuable asset in the digital economy: “It is vital for companies to understand and fully make use of the power of data. Too often I see companies that allow their IT departments to guide them through important decision making processes, because they lack the knowledge and skills regarding their own data.”

Early Friday helps companies take control of their products, services and customer value by unlocking the full potential of their data. Frits: “We have developed a Data Analytics and AI Maturity Model with which we help our customers to structure, organise, analyze and automate their data-related processes. This gives them the power to create a culture in which data serves the business goals, instead of vice versa. With the right use of data, we’ll improve performance with predictive analytics, allowing them to make fact-based decisions and heighten the resilience of their company.”

Data with a human touch

Early Friday distinguishes itself in the IT landscape because of the human aspect that they bring to all their work. Frits: “That’s why our slogan is ‘Driven by data, fueled by people’. Good people are the driving force behind our organization. There are endless stories hidden in data, but you can’t reveal those narratives without the right people. We’re extremely proud of our team consisting of the best data scientists, data engineers and change specialists.”

‘Democratizing’ data

Early Friday strongly believes in democratizing data. Frits: “That means that we want to ensure that all stakeholders feel more comfortable understanding data, not just the people in the IT department. When everybody involved understands and trusts the data, success will follow.”

Part VANAD Group Company

Early Friday is part of the VANAD Group. With this new startup, VANAD’s success formula – strengthening the collaboration between people and technology – is further expanded. Arnoud Munneke, CCO of VANAD Group: “The increased amount of data that’s created, collected, copied, and used within companies creates new challenges. Early Friday offers our customers the opportunity to put their data processes in order and strengthen the proposition towards their customers. With this great addition to our portfolio, we ensure that we can guide our customers even better in strategic decision making.”

Since the start of VANAD Group, the connection between technology and people has been a focal point. Frits: “We have the ambition to grow rapidly and are extremely proud to be part of the VANAD Group. They have a lot of experience in setting up successful companies within information technology. We believe in quality and synergy. And with the VANAD Group, both are guaranteed.